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The purpose of this page is limited only to introducing certified physicians. Direct contact from a third party is strictly prohibited

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 Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Mike K.S. Chan, 61, Researcher, Author, and Educator specializes in Biotechnology Research & Development of Stem Cells, Peptide Therapeutics, and Biological & Regenerative Medicine. Founder of European Wellness Biomedical Group, Germany, a vertically integrated group comprising key divisions in IP Research & Development, Biotech & BioPharma Manufacturing Plants (Germany & EU), Educational Institutions & Professional Academies, Global Product Distribution across 80 countries, 26 medical wellness, diagnostics, and youth restorative centers with research labs in Germany, Switzerland, UK, and Turkey. 

An Author/co-author of over 30 books on Stem Cells, Aging, Neurodegenerative & Neurodevelopment Disorders, Metabolic Diseases, Biological & Regenerative Medicine with over 60 scientific and medical publications in USA and UK. He won multiple international invention awards for Biotechnology in Europe and Middle East and holds multiple international patents in stem cells immunology & biotech. 

He sits on the Board & heads the Scientific Committee for Regenerative Medicine, ESAAM (European Society of Preventative, Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine) Est. 2003 and the Society’s Asian Chairman; an Associate Professor of AASCP, USA (American Academy of Stem Cell Physicians), and Chairman for A4M, USA (American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine) for Thailand. He is also Chairman of Japan’s Medical Association for Regenerative Medicine, MMJ (Multi-Dimensional Holistic Medical Team Japan). Senator of BWA, Germany (Federal Association for Economic Development & Foreign Trade for China, Indonesia & Malaysia). 

He spearheads, hires, and works in collaboration with top scientists and scholars worldwide from MIT, Oxford, Cambridge Heidelberg University, and University of Irvine, California, etc. He won numerous awards (17), for top leadership, entrepreneurship, quality assurance, and achievement awards from Europe to China and holds membership in more than 20 academic bodies worldwide. His team introduced the world's first medical textbook stem cell book for physicians in 2006 and in 2018 came with another updated authoritative textbook in many languages with good reviews worldwide. He also authored the World's first Stem Cells and Peptides book for animals from dogs, cats, birds, horses and, camels where he has been also treating for 3 decades with breeders and pedigree owners worldwide. 

Dato’ Sri Dr. Mike Chan

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As a pioneer in this field, As the driving force of holistic medicine in Japan, Dr. lsso Kimura, PhD, has been contributing his life to enlighten raising the level of medical care in Japan with his unique method by holistic approach that combines medical and dental care through training towards doctors and dentists as well as developing integrative medicine treatment plans for his patients since 2003. Dr. Kimura is one of the first doctor introduced integrated medicine with holistic approach using intravenous Vitamin C therapy, supplement, oriental medicine, heavy metal detoxification, exercise therapy, occlusal treatment, marine therapy (Quinton), and energy medicine (Rasha) in Japan.
Dr. Kimura developed his unique amalgam and heavy metal detoxification method called USRA (Ultimate Safe Removal of Amalgam Filling) and has trained over 600 dentists, has a record of over 5,500 cases of treatments involving mercury in dental amalgam.
Dr. Kimura has founded and raised several alliances for practitioners and dentists for providing education and training to Japanese doctors such as QSS JAPN TEAM, The Japanese work shop of intravenous Vitamin C which has largest number of members in Japan.
Dr. Kimura has been giving lecture both in and outside Japan. His patients including celebrities, athletics and people with intractable diseases who seek integrative medicine treatment has been visiting Dr. Kimura's Sasazuka Dental Clinic from all over Japan. Dr.Kimura brought a new concept to dentistry: A holistic approach to dental care is a key to over all health and wellness.

Isso Kimura, PhD DDS
Biological Dentist

Dr. Akiyama is a Cancer Immunotherapy expert with years of experience at the Japanese medical society. Dr. Akiyama has an excellent reputation for his achievements in Cancer immunotherapy, Phytonutrient-based nutritional therapy and Multi-faceted therapy without side effects.
Dr. Akiyama is a visiting professor (Clinical Oncology) at McGill University in Canada. He is the author of “Latest cancer immune cell therapy - From lymphocyte therapy to dendritic cell cancer vaccine” which is the first Japanese textbook on Cancer immunotherapy for doctors.
Dr. Akiyama is also a visiting professor (Gastroenterology) at Lanzhou University Second Hospital in China. He is an Advisor of International Research Institute of Health Science. He is the Director of St. Hikarigaoka hospital in Chiba prefecture, Japan. He is the director of Japan Cancer Control Society (Non-profit Organization).
Dr. Akiyama’s work as a physician and a researcher has been honored with numerous awards by educational and medical institutions both nationally and internationally. He is a researcher who has been registered multiple times across a wide range of fields over many years on “Marquis Who's Who” under the category of “in Science and Engineering”, “in Asia”, “in the world”, “in Medicine and Healthcare”, “Global Expert of The Year”, “Oncology & Hematology Researcher JAPAN”, and “Lifetime Achievement”. Dr. Akiyama has awarded for “Evergreen Award American College of Physician” several times in his life.

Dr.Shinichiro Akiyama, MD, PhD, FACP
Cancer gene& Immunotherapy Expert

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Emi Handa M.D.

Internal medicine

Nutrition therapy

Emi Clinic, Director


Hideo Kono M.D. 

Internal medicine




Fumiaki Nishimura M.D.

Internal medicine

Nishimura Internal Medicine Cardiology Clinic


Yuuki  Kinosita M.D. 

Internal medicine


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Katsuhiko Fukuda, MD, PhD 

Respiratory, Allergy, Nerve,

Psychosomatic Medicine 

Integrated Medical Center, Fukuda Internal Medicine Clinic  


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Natsu Watanabe M.D.


Plastic surgery

Medical corporation Asunaro Watanabe Dermatology plastic surgery



Hirotomo Uekura M.D. 





Toshihiko Sato M.D.


Utsunomiya Central Clinic


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Yohei Koide DDS


Koide Dental Clinic, Director

USRA Certified Instructor


Mareo Naito M.D.

Naito Clinic

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Yasuhito Mikawa M.D. PhD Dicrector

Natural Art Clinic 


Mari Yukiiri M.D. 


Yukiiri Dentistry



Hiromi Shiota D.M.

Cardiology Internal Medicine Pediatrics Dermatology

Tsubota Clinic


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Kazuho Sakuma M.D.

Psychosomatic medicine

Michiwa Clinic


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Yoshiko Ichikawa M.D.


Self Pro Care Dental Clinic &Chinese Medicine Clinic



Yuichiro Torii M.D.

Internal medicine
Torii Clinic


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Kazunori Furuta M.D.

Furuta Clinic


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Hirotsugu Takahashi M.D.
Psychosomatic medicine

Takahashi Kokorono Clinic

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Chikaaki Naito

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